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Although the recent rains have provided some relief for the immediate fire threat, water levels are still far below normal in the area.

While the fictional town of Homestead was dealing with the disruption of a movie crew filming during the Christmas season, Dahlonega was dealing with the same thing for real—the crew of Hallmark Ch

Mornings at Chick-fil-A of Dahlonega are greeted with cars from the drive through wrapped around the building, lines of customers and the gossip of eager patrons awaiting the most important meal of

A burglary suspect’s getaway was cut short when he backed into a ditch just below the driveway of the home he had just burglarized last Sunday, according to officials from the Lumpkin County Sherif

Members of the Dahlonega City Council and the Historical Preservation Commission came together to discuss future appeals of HPC decisions at the council’s regularly scheduled work session on Thursd

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The Mountain Traveler, the area’s most comprehensive guide to experiencing Northeast Georgia, marks its 25th anniversary in a Fall issue arriving this week.

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